Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The European School of Theosophy: Budapest

Launched by the late Geoffrey Farthing and Ianthe Hoskins, The European School of Theosophy has been holding yearly classes since 1982. It provided courses in English for students in Europe who wanted to experience the teachings at a deeper level. It functions like a postgraduate degree in the ideas found in Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. Since the passing of Geoffrey and Ianthe, the yearly week of studies has been held in Edinburgh, Scotland, Athens, Greece, Venice, Italy, and this year in Budapest, Hungary from Oct. 8-14. The faculty included three of the best presenters of modern Theosophy, Stephan Hoeller, David Roef, and Michael Gomes. Over fifty people participated. Dr. David Roef, from Belgium, continued to impress with his presentations on Blavatsky’s ideas, and Michael Gomes gave a new way at looking at The Secret Doctrine. Thomas Martinovich, who heads the Theosophical group in Hungary, was on hand to make everyone feel welcome. Regulars Flemming and Birte Hansen, and Gunnar Larsen and Eija, gave a sense of continuity. Dr. Cornelia Haas, University lecturer in Wurzburg, Germany, was also present. She has just returned from doing research in India on the ULT. We hope to post a translation of her piece on Max Müller and Blavatsky.

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