Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Secret Doctrine Reviewed

The April-June 2010 Beacon magazine from the Lucis Trust carries a perceptive review of Michael Gomes’ edition of The Secret Doctrine. Gomes “brings a fresh and clearer insight to this important work,” says the reviewer who goes on to write:

many will find this annotated abridgement a useful primer for the original Secret Doctrine, for having grasped the basic ideas, the details and finer points presented in the original become easier to comprehend. Mr. Gomes has done a service in presenting the essence of The Secret Doctrine with this abridgement. By scaling back The Secret Doctrine, not only do the core teachings become more readily accessible, but potentially this abridgement provides a clearer access to the intuitive and transforming experience in consciousness, at the core of the original, as well.

Theosophy in Australia announced it in the November 2009 issue under the heading, “Major Publishing Event,” noting “To have had The Secret Doctrine published by Penguin is a major achievement in itself, but the present work also manages to make accessible to the reader of today a nineteenth century classic of esoteric literature, that was itself based on arcane all-but-incomprehensible texts.”

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