Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Path Online

The Theosophical Network site has now uploaded the first ten volumes of The Path, edited in New York by W.Q. Judge from 1886-1896. Selected volumes of the journal have been available on line, but this is the first time that this much has been accessible, as can be seen here. Hopefully it will encourage further research in this area now that this source material is so readily available. The Theosophical Society in Australia has indexed the journal’s run and it can be accessed here.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins gives a long introduction to the magazine and the role of Judge in the development of the theosophical movement in America. Some of the dates are off: HPB resigned her position of Corresponding Secretary in 1885, and the SPR Committee Report was published in volume 3, 1885, not ‘86, of the S.P.R Proceedings. But these are minor. He also gives something of Judge’s later years—he died on March 21, 1896, just short of his 45th birthday. There are some issues that could be questioned but these are outside the purview of this site. After his death the magazine changed its name to Theosophy then to Universal Brotherhood Path at the beginning of the twentieth century then The Theosophical Path then The Theosophical Forum in the 1930s and ‘40s then to Sunrise in 1951 and finally ceased publication in 2007.

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