Thursday, February 24, 2011

Major Figures in Philosophical Theology

Courses referencing Helena Petrovna Blavatsky at the university level have been slow coming in the U.S.A. Other than those offered over the years by Prof. James Santucci at Cal State in Fullerton, California, they have been few and far between. So the following course listing offered this year at Drew University in New Jersey was particularly surprising:

HEPH 391 | Major Figures in Philosophical Theology
A seminar focusing on one major figure from the Western or Eastern traditions. Examples include, but are not limited to, Martin Heidegger, Charles Sanders Peirce, Helena Blavatsky, Sri Aurobindo, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and William James. Signature of instructor required for registration.

This is even more unusual considering that Drew University is a Theological School “rooted in the Wesleyan heritage and celebrates the centrality of Christ to our faith. The school does not require students to adopt a particular position or creed, but expects that students will remain in touch with and develop their own distinct faith tradition. Students take responsibility for articulating their own convictions, yet remain in dialogue with those of other faiths and with Christians who may think and believe differently. Students find many persons who share their faith experience and learn from persons who challenge them with their differences. In a world where diversity is often an excuse for hatred and a trigger for violence, Drew students learn to use diversity as a key to unlock the mysteries of a God beyond individual understanding, who is revealed more fully through our shared faith and experience.”

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