Thursday, March 10, 2011

“Madam Blavatsky Lives”

Tavistock in Devon is known as one of the most elegant towns in the South West of England. The Tavistock Arts and Entertainment Centre, the Wharf, which hosts live concerts, theatre, cinema, an art gallery and events throughout the year, will be presenting a new play in June, “Madam Blavatsky Lives,” as part of this year’s programme.

Have you ever wanted to know about the future? Do you dream of wealth and happiness? Madam Blavatsky Lives will change your mind forever. It is a comedy which shows the affect of an all-knowing spiritualist on the lives of three women. Two of them are suddenly faced with dreadful futures and the other is suffused in happiness. Which one of them will be faced with their worst fear? Will the predictions come true? All of them? None of them? This play will make you laugh at their predicaments and cry at their heartbreaks. You will never think of fortune telling in the same way again! The play stars the original cast of ‘Mutton’ – Donna Flinn, Jean Heard, Julia Munrow and Julia Rufey, four actresses who are renowned for their great comedy skills and they will delight you all over again in this new play written by Joan Greening the creator of ITV’s ‘The Cabbage Patch’ and ‘Troubles and Strife’. If you want a hilariously spirited evening out – this is it!

Further information can be found at the centre’s site, here.

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