Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Conference is Announced

Erica Georgiades has sent out an announcement and call for papers for a Conference on Esoteric Traditions in the Ancient and Modern World to be held in Alexandria, Egypt, July 12-24, 2012.

The purpose of the Conference will be to examine the source and foundations of the mystery and esoteric traditions; their expressions and nuances in the ancient and contemporary world along with the interface between ancient wisdom and modern scientific paradigms. As we will be returning to the cradle of so-called ‘Western Esotericism’ for this event, the Conference will be focusing upon the Hermeticism of Alexandria, neo-Platonism, former ancient Mysteries, and the modern Theosophical Movement; in view of their phenomenology, social impact, and nuances in the shaping of cultural and spiritual aspects of the contemporary western world. Special emphasis will be given to the Theosophical Society; its foundational structures and orientation, successions, impact, and its role as an artery in the continuation of esoteric culture and Higher Age teachings within the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Suggested topics include:  Ancient Mystery Traditions, The Hermeticism of Alexandria, Neo-Platonism, The Star-Lore of Ancient Egypt, Theosophical Connections with Egyptian Traditions, The Brotherhood of Luxor and its influence on the Theosophical Society, Successions in the Theosophical Society [The Judge Case, etc.], The Theosophical Movement in the 3rd Millennium, Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science, Modern Physics & the Secret Doctrine.

The announcement can be read here.

The Alexandria-Mediterranean Research Center at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in conjunction with the New York Open Center has also announced a Conference in Alexandria for June 12-17, 2011, titled An Esoteric Quest for Ancient Alexandria, Greco-Egyptian Birthplace of the Western Mind. Meetings will at the Bibliotheca, on the site of the ancient library, with its state-of-the-art lecture halls and seminar rooms.

Conference presenters include David Fideler, “The Golden Thread of the Muses,” Scott Olsen, “The Philosopher Mathematicians of Alexandria,” Christopher Bamford, “At the Crossroads of Judaism, Platonism and Christianity,” Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, “The Church of the East,” Clare Goodrick-Clarke, “Gnosticism and Hermeticism,” and John Dillon, “Alexandrian Quartet: Callimachus, Philo, Origen and Cavafy,” among others.

Further information about this Conference can be found here.

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