Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Maya of Imri

Imri, following the path, entered the fog of bewilderment. This is always a place where two roads meet. One road seemed the most inviting. It stretched away, smooth and fair, mounting evenly to brilliant skies, and at the summit line he could vision, glorified, Imri jeweled with light, beacon of guidance for the multitudes of men. (—From the Book of Images, p. 29.)

These words came to mind while looking at the newly uploaded text of The Secret Doctrines Commentaries here. Theosophists are always telling the world about their exalted code of conduct, but when a book still in copyright is put online by a third party not involved with the publishing and without the permission of the publishers, even copyright law says halt. We fear this may put a chill on the publishing of financially dubious projects like this one. Why bother going through the cost and energy of printing a book when anyone can pirate it if they feel like it.

What also needs to be considered is how much of what is esoteric should be made so easily available to the casual reader, to the curious, and to those who will take a passage out of context. Throughout HPB’s system is the notion that the prize must be won by effort and is not easily given. And those who betray those laws should be aware of the karmic price they must pay.

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