Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Blavatsky Text Online

For years Mark Jaqua has been laboring in the Midwest of the USA for HPB. He published a magazine, Protogonos, in the 1980s and brought out small books such as a reissue of Margaret Thomas’s Theosophy versus Neo-Theosophy and a collection of George Cardinal Legros writings. He has now turned his talents to adding material online, and has recently transcribed HPB’s “The Durbar in Lahore.” One of her Russian serials, it was translated and edited by Boris de Zirkoff in The Theosophist, August 1960 through March 1961.

“The Durbar in Lahore,” published in Moscow in 1881, is perhaps the most political of HPB’s Russian pieces. It is an interregnum between the two parts of From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan and The Enigmatical Tribes of the Blue Hills. It illustrates her ability for factual reporting as she travels from Simla to Amritsar (visiting the Golden Temple), and then to the Durbar (ceremonial gathering) in Lahore for the new Viceroy of India, Lord Ripon, on Nov. 15, 1880. It is a tale of heat and dust, pomp and circumstance, as the assembled Indian princes and maharajahs vied to outdo each other in their finery and presentation.

It can be read here.

Mark Jaqua has also done a most useful and timely compilation of some 45 magazine articles of Alexander Wilder, HPB’s editor on Isis Unveiled, who she often cited, as can be seen here.

He also has a blog.

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