Sunday, April 18, 2010

How Should We Treat Others?

Katinka Hesselink looks at recent calls for the TS Adyar to make an admission of guilt regarding W.Q. Judge and wonders why:

Judge is hardly attacked by Adyar theosophists these days. The reverse is not true: Besant still gets attacked by ‘Judgite’ theosophists quite regularly. With Judge it’s worse: he gets ignored. People just don’t care.

I do wonder though why supporters of Judge care so much about Besant being wrong and Judge being right. Why is it something to keep harping on about? Aren’t there more important issues to worry about? We’ve got an economic crisis on our hands, wealth and debt in the West, economic growth and sharp differences between rich and poor in the East.

This contentious issue is mentioned here because Blavatsky’s name gets dragged into the matter. The same Mme. Blavatsky who decried over and over the lack of brotherhood among Theosophists: “I have marked with pain, a tendency among you, as among the Theosophists in Europe and India, to quarrel over trifles, and to allow your very devotion to the cause of Theosophy to lead you into disunion.”

This episode was a wonderful opportunity for Theosophists to show the world new ways of problem solving. That this matter is still an issue today, with all its factionalism, is a clear indication of the failure to make any contribution to that most important step towards the realization of universal brotherhood: conflict resolution.

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