Sunday, November 28, 2010

K. Paul Johnson Needs a Clarification

All posts at Blavatsky News are vetted by those who write here. I read Harry’s piece on the references to Blavatsky at the site, History of the Adepts, before it was posted and did not regard in any way it being an attack on K. Paul Johnson or the Church of Light. More than one reader has written in asking if the “attack” was taken down, for they could not find it. No, the post is still there as written. We wonder if Mr. Johnson has ever presented a paper at an academic conference, for one of the conditions for academic progress is having your thesis questioned. Nobody ever takes it as an attack.

Since Mr. Johnson has solicited advice on “What needs to be addressed in my response to Blavatsky News?” And since he says has experienced “unpleasantness” because of it, we would earnestly ask him to take a moment to consider Dhammapada 1.3 and 1.5:

“He berated me! He hurt me!
He beat me! He deprived me!”
For those who hold such grudges,
hostility is not appeased.

In this world
hostilities are never
appeased by hostility.
But by the absence of hostility
are they appeased.
This is the interminable truth.

And then take a deep breath.

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