Thursday, January 13, 2011

“What ever happened to the occult?”

The blog Twittering Machines raises the question: “What ever happened to the occult?” in a post of January 7, 2011. In trying to answer it, the writer talks about the experience of his obtaining an original 1877 edition of the two volumes of Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled at a now-defunct bookshop in New York City.

I found my copy of Isis Unveiled at the Isaac Mendoza Book Company among the impossibly narrow aisles and overcrowded, crooked shelves and I found it while knee-deep in Yeats, paint and while working as an IT consultant on Wall Street. Surely a case of some sort of divine intervention. You can see that on the front free endpaper of my copy of Isis Unveiled the former owner Charles H Macy has written “Not to be loaned on account of opinions expressed herein.” Obviously this is a dangerous book. Oddly, RH Macy (yes that Macy) passed away in 1877 the same year this book was published. Coincidence? (that’s how the occult works, isn’t it?)

The full account is here.

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