Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blavatsky News

* Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media, Mark Russell Bell’s blog, for February 5, 2012, culls a number of accounts from Olcott’s Old Diary Leaves to give a picture of Phenomena and Madame H. P. Blavatsky. “Olcott commented about HPB: ‘. . . she was from the first and continued to the end an insoluble riddle . . . On the hypothesis that she was a medium for the Great Teachers, only that and nothing more, then the riddle is easy to read . . . .’”

* “H.P.B. Was the Thread Linking the Ancient Eastern Wisdom to the Outer World,” so says N. C. Ramanujachary, a long-standing member of the Theosophical Society who lives in Chennai, India, in an article posted online.

She was, decidedly, the thread (Sutratma) of the Ancient Eastern Wisdom to the World and her work needs to be continued untarnished and undistorted. She was a facet of the attempts made by the Masters of the Wisdom, century after century, for the upheaval of Spirituality among humanity. The Wisdom made available to us, though a part of the whole, needs assimilation so that we become eligible to receive the further lessons.

Mr. Ramanujachary is the author of A Lonely Disciple, a monograph on the Indian chela T. Subba Row.

* Paul Johnson reprints an interview with him from a Greek theosophical publication. In response to the question: Since the publication of your book The Masters Revealed have you find [sic] more evidences to sustain the hypotheses that Ranbir Singh, Maharaja of Kashmir was Master Morya and Sirdar Takar Singh Sandhanwalia- founder of the Singh Sabba (Punjabi ally of the T.S.) -was K.H.”, he now says:

It would be more correct to state that Ranbir Singh and Thakar Singh were respectively prototypes for M. and K.H. rather than that they were these individuals. They correspond in some details to the portrayals of these Mahatmas, and no other plausible candidates have emerged since my books were published. But the nature of the evidence is such that any conclusive identifications are probably impossible.

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