Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blavatsky and Art, Again

“Divine Abstractions: Spiritual Expressions in Art” is an exhibition touring the state of Nebraska in the U.S. Sponsored by the Sheldon Museum of Art there and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it is presently at the Columbus Art Gallery, in Columbus, Nebraska, and ends on July 9 at the West Nebraska Arts Center, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

In the catalog of the exhibition, Susan J. Soriente, Sheldon Statewide Curator, noting the influence of HPB’s ideas, adds:

Not every abstract work of art is a divine abstraction, but the spiritual dimension has been an influential factor in determining the look and purpose of much of the world’s art, including contemporary art. The challenge is to become sensitive to abstract art’s spiritual interests, to keep an open mind about its possible presence and how it may work in abstract art.

The catalog can be seen here.

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