Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Secret Doctrine in Russian

The Secret Doctrine was translated into Russian by Helena and Nicholas Roerich and published in Riga, Latvia, in 1937. The translation was based on the 1893 Third and Revised Edition and is over 1800 pages. Copies of it are now extremely scarce. Boris de Zirkoff in Rebirth of the Occult Tradition, the booklet version of the Introduction to his 1978 edition of The Secret Doctrine, writes that “Some years after its publication most of the edition was destroyed at Riga during revolutionary uprisings.” In 1991 the Theosophical Publishing House issued a facsimile reprint of this Russian edition. Recently an original set of the two-volume 1937 Russian edition was put up for sale by the Helix Art Center of San Diego, California, which specializes in Russian art, collections, archives, and reference materials. An indication of the value of original editions of Blavatskiana can be seen by the asking price: $3,995. dollars U.S. The link to their site can be found here.

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